08/2018 "Black Interiors," an exploration of the Black aesthetic and psyche through artistic renderings of the home and stylized representations of the human form.

05/2017 Bloodlines,”  is a group exhibition which seeks to challenge the societal norms and restraints imposed on the female form by exploring the external and internal pressures and pleasures of the body. Featuring work by Lisa Hill, Iman Person, Samera Paz and performance art from Tsedaye Makonnen and members of the àjé collective. 

02/2017 Sacred Cows,”  is a solo exhibition of  Imar Hutchins’ latest series of collage and mixed media work which offers unique commentary on the treatment of Black people in America. 

02/2017   Chocolate Cities,” is a group exhibition which examines the history, legacy and sustainability of African-American urban enclaves.

09/2016  Public Displays of Privacy,”  explores the complexities of identity, memory and subjectivity in relation to Black Womanhood.

04/2016  Sip and Paint Van Gogh's The Starry Night,”  brings together almost 30 artists to interpret the same work of art—Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Co-curated with Thomas Dryman.

03/2016  You Can’t Break Water,” is an educational platform with a focus on breaking the silence around sexual violence within the African community through photography.    

07/2015  “The Push Back,” tackles the complexities of the relational boundaries created to differentiate the oppressed and oppressor through painting. 

12/2014  “H.E.R: Hearing Every Rhyme,” explores the ways rhythm, movement and music are captured on film and canvas to reconstruct how one experiences both sound and silence.  

10/2014  “Our Power?,” actively examines and critiques our perception of the world through the visual expression and revolutionary imagery of three artists.