Selection of Published Articles

Working Together To Build Our Community: Interview with Leroy Campbell, 2018, Sugarcane Magazine

Entanglements: 002- Martina and Monique Dodd, 2018, DIRT

The Fertile Grave, 2017, DIRT

Memory of the Cloth. The BmoreArt Journal   of Art + Ideas. 4 (2017): 18-21. Print

Black History Month at Morton Fine Art, 2017, Morton Fine Art

Review: Michaela Pilar Brown’s "Things Get Lost" at Honfleur Gallery, 2017, DIRT

Tapping into the Spirit: Continuing the Legacy of Black Portraiture.The BmoreArt  Journal of Art + Ideas. 3 (2016): 7-8. Print.

How To Visualize Blackness on a White Wall? Paint the Wall BLACK!, 2016, BmoreArts

Interview with Charles Williams, 2015, Morton Fine Art

Overcoming Depths, 2015, Morton Fine Art